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In layman terms a Hydronics Systems could be:
"The system that uses water or a similar liquid to transfer the heat from the heat source (boiler) to the emitters (radiators, coils, etc. )". Such systems are applied in Residential and Commercial sites and despite being more complex and expensive, they deliver better efficiency rates, offer flexibility during installation, improved comfort levels and save space.
Opportunely it is important to highlight that the technicians dealing with these systems are equipped with a different set of skills and knowledge to precisely perform the installation, repair, and servicing of the Hydronic Systems. As Hydronic Systems stay resting in the spring and summer seasons when the time comes to re-activate the heat, an important step is to perform preventive Maintenance as per manufacturer's recommendations.

Building Ideas Inc. is fully capable of performing work on the most common Hydronic, such as:
· Boilers (Condensing and Non-Condensing)
· Combi Boiler
· Tankless water heaters
· Domestic Hot water tanks
· In floor Heating systems
· Hot water, force air, heating coils

Safety is paramount in our team, we will make sure your family and property are at ease and under no harm.
If you have any concern or question regarding your Hydronic System, please drop us a call and we'll be happy to assist you.
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