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Much the same as some other machine, your cooling system requires routine preventative maintenance to run proficiently. Keep the temperature in your home and business environment at a comfortable standard. Prevent unforeseen breakdowns, by dealing with your A/C's mechanical fixes straightaway. In the event that you’re cooling system breaks down, there may be repairs we can provide to get your appliance back in operation and help save you the high expense of replacing the unit.
The useful lifespan generally for an Air Conditioning unit is around 10-15 years. While there are exceptions to this standard, if the system is properly and regularly maintained. The older your system gets the more care it will require to operate proficiently. In the event that your cooling unit needs repairs, works inadequately, or potentially adds to high energy and service bills - it’s an opportune time to upgrade.

When you choose Building Ideas Inc. for your home or business cooling needs, our certified professionals will guarantee that your current, or new equipment installed functions proficiently and meets all your expectations and requirements. We will provide you with explicit instructions on how to properly perform routine care to keep the Air Conditioning from failing, how to check for error codes and warning signs that can help you reset and fix the issue. This will also help you relay the issue to us when you call for service. After a service call and before we leave, we'll check in, to ensure you're satisfied with our service and that everything is working to your comfort and fulfillment.

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